Romantic landscapes with an artistic border

The Audun Collection Was Launched In 1998 As A Homage To The Pottery That Francois Boch Had Set Up In Audun-Le-Tiche. The Tableware Features Intricate Landscapes Portrayed In A Copperplate Style That Were Inspired By Drawings More Than 200 Years Old. A Natural Yellow And Floral Pattern Accentuate The Romantic Scenarios That Are Reminiscent Of Long-Forgotten Times.


A Vivid Spectacle Of Colours And Shapes

With Amazonia Anmut, Villeroy & Boch Is Extending The Fascinating And Successful Amazonia Decor, Inspired By Alexander V. Humboldt, With Timeless, Round Shapes. Let Yourself Be Inspired By The New Possibilities. Create Completely New And Unique Table Scenarios. And Enjoy An Even More Vivid Spectacle Of Colours And Shapes When You Present Your Meals Exciting, Exotic And Modern At The Same.

Colourful Spring

Delicate heralds of spring

A large number of snowdrops first sprout out of the ground before large and small trees are covered in fresh green leaves. The Colourful Spring Easter collection lets spring move into your home just as gently. The d├ęcor shows the smallest of butterflies darting around delicate flowers.

Manufacture Rock

Linear shapes, exceptional material surfaces and an understated colour palette of black, grey and white are a must for this look. The dark decorative elements make the elegant white plates look truly radiant and create an attractive contrast. Whether in a granite or slate look, Manufacture will create very eye-catching effects on your table.


Amazonia (3)

Amazonia Anmut (5)

Anmut Gold (17)

Anmut Platinum (19)

Anmut Rosewood (12)

Artesano Flower Art (7)

Artesano Provencal Lavender (12)

Audun (20)

Cellini (17)

Colourful Spring (12)

Flow (7)

Gray Pearl (18)

It's my match (14)

Ivoire (21)

La Classica Contura (16)

laboule (3)

Manufacture Glow (3)

Manufacture Gris (10)

Manufacture Rock (12)

Manufacture Rock Blanc (14)

Mariefleur Basic (28)

Mariefleur Gris (24)

Marmory (7)

Metrochic (18)

New Moon (8)

NewWave (12)

Old Luxembourg (23)

Old Luxembourg Brindille (14)

Samarkand (15)

Samarkand Aquamarin (6)

Samarkand Mandarin (6)

Samarkand Rubin (4)