Make and serve a delicious festive meal in style with kitchen helpers

Featuring an appealing design, kitchen tools will help you in the kitchen and make preparing delicious meals an enjoyable experience. Read more…

Cooking, baking & serving with Villeroy & Boch – because taste is also defined by the appearance

Practical assistants for chefs `

Whoever enjoys regularly inviting friends and family over, will really appreciate the practical benefits of cooking utensils, serving aids and storage tins. These essential items will help you convert your home into a haven of culinary delights, and turn the preparation and serving of savoury and sweet delicacies into child’s play. With their sophisticated patterns and beautiful, unique appearance, the stylish cooking accessories from Villeroy & Boch really stand out. Discover tastefully decorated cooking utensils, elegant serving tableware and storage jars lovingly designed with plenty of attention to detail, all of which are exclusively made from high–quality materials.
The joy of cooking & baking

For amateur chefs, the preparation of exquisite dishes is a passion which requires a good portion of talent, enhanced with a pinch of experience and the right cooking utensils. While the first two components have to be brought along by the chef himself or herself, the use and quality of the latter items are influenced by the choice of high–quality branded products. The high-quality cook–and bakeware from Villeroy & Boch are predestined for preparing tasty creations, and their stylish design never fails to impress. From the aesthetically appealing chopping board made of genuine wood, and the artistically designed porcelain baking dishes to the skewer sets and spatulas, you will find a diverse range of everything you need to turn fresh ingredients into a real feast.
Serving tasty treats in style

If a delicious meal is precisely prepared, it must also be appetisingly presented in the appropriate way. For example, serve your guests a hearty beef broth with fine marrow dumplings in an attractive tureen. Placed on an innovative hot stone, this container will keep the meal at the right temperature for a long time. Serve fine sauces or melted butter in an elegant sauce boat while the white wine accompanying the meal fully unfolds its multi–faceted bouquet in an elegant decanter. When setting the afternoon coffee or tea table, a practical tray helps to carry the set safely to the table. A fine bowl with freshly baked biscuits and a cake stand seductively arranged with chocolates forms the centrepiece of the table.
Tastefully stored

Virtually every home has a selection of storage jars for keeping different ingredients at the ready to prepare a small repertoire of exquisite dishes. Flour, sugar, rice and herbs can be closed tightly to prevent odours from escaping and to protect the contents inside the jars from moisture. Effectively placed on the shelf in a uniform design, Villeroy & Boch’s practical storage containers not only make organisation in the kitchen easier, but also stylishly enhance the entire ambience. Sweet fruit preserves, sugar lumps and butter also find the perfect storage place in the glass boxes, designed especially for the purpose, while at the same time, adding a lovely touch to the breakfast or coffee table.