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The right glass for every bouquet

Simply follow your own taste when choosing between the diverse designs of wine glasses. Read more…

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      Wine glasses from Villeroy & Boch – the perfect glass for every bouquet

      Serve wine in the right goblet

      A lot has changed in the world of wine in recent years. The old rules don’t seem to apply any more. New wine regions are pushing the traditional giants off their pedestal, organic is the new mark of quality and Michelin-starred chefs serve red wine with fish. But the same guidelines still apply when it comes to choosing the wine glasses. If the name doesn’t give it away already – there is no doubt what a Bordeaux glass is for – the bouquet is the right place to start. Wines with a complex bouquet, especially red wines, need a larger glass with a generous cup. The large surface area allows plenty of oxygen to reach the wine, so the flavours can develop. The more complex the bouquet, the wider the cup of the wine glass should be. The Burgundy glass is intended for more full–bodied wines.
      Every taste taken into account

      But the wine glasses from Villeroy & Boch are based on much more than just the taste of the wine. Your personal preferences are just as important to us when it comes to choosing the right wine glasses. That is why we offer you wine glasses in a range of different styles, which are easy to combine with our porcelain services. Choose the sparkling clear crystal glasses or set a more colourful tone to contrast with shining white tableware. The delicate decorations allow you to create a cosy country look on the table in style, while the purist designs gleam with modern flair. After all, as any sommelier will tell you, wine tastes even better from a beautiful glass.
      Art doesn’t come from a production line

      To ensure that only the most beautiful crystal glass sparkles next to the immaculate porcelain plate , the wine glasses from Villeroy & Boch are produced with the greatest of care. Many glasses bring together the expertise of the sommelier and the glass maker to create the perfect result. To do this, we choose the latest production techniques without totally losing sight of traditional craftsmanship. Some of the glasses in selected collections are still blown by hand. Depending on the design, the finishing touches in the final stage of production come in the form of fine engraving, sand blasting or polishing. The vast majority of our wine glasses and decanters are produced in Germany or other EU countries.
      Quality never goes out of fashion

      In the case of the wine itself, you won’t find out whether you love it until it is opened. But every design wine glass from Villeroy & Boch shows its very special value long before it is used for the first time. The long, slim stem that transitions seamlessly into the beautifully–shaped cup is a clear sign of high quality. The thin and even glass walls are just as important – the first glance at them shows the glass maker’s sensitivity and talent, the first touch gives away the temperature of the wine. The soft, rounded edge of the mouth allows the wine to flow directly onto the tongue. Functionality and aesthetics brought together in one glass – that is the philosophy of Villeroy & Boch.