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Perfect for food and more

For making, serving, enjoying, and storing your most delicious food: you’ll be prepared for anything with bowls and dishes. Read more…
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      Bowls & dishes from Villeroy & Boch – good for more than just eating

      Organisation is half the battle in the kitchen

      From the moment you start to prepare a meal, the bowls and dishes from Villeroy & Boch are on your side. While your guests are occupied in the living room with small dip bowls and a serving bowl with nachos, you can rely on the all–rounder bowls from the Cooking Elements range for a successful gratin. Marinate meat, bake vegetables and serve the food in style? This porcelain can do it all. The bowls are dishwasher-safe, so you can take care of the washing–up and the dinner at the same time. The collections have a host of serving and salad bowls that have been designed to match your existing Dinnerware. If you’re looking for more excitement on the table, then you could add a striking touch with a serving bowl with a different shape or color.
      Rediscovering classic shapes

      Earthenware and porcelain bowls and dishes are some of the oldest found pieces of our dining culture. And they are still essential today: muesli bowls can be found on practically any breakfast table, we quickly grab an apple from the fruit bowl to take with us when we go out, and the original half bowl that you had filled with nuts the evening before still looks pretty even though it’s empty thanks to its charming decor – our modern and innovative design concepts take care of that. And we don’t only apply them to porcelain. Villeroy & Boch also has dessert bowls, bowls and dishes in selected crystal collections. Their sparkle lightens up your table setting and creates a striking colour contrast with any bright white Dinnerware.
      Never be afraid of innovation

      Our long history has taught us that a successful company doesn’t prepare for the future, but shapes it itself. This is why in all these years Villeroy & Boch has never simply rested on its laurels, but always looked for – and found – room for improvement. New inventions have helped us improve our production processes and make them greener, and never have we compromised on craftsmanship where it mattered most. Over time, we developed a new generation of Premium Porcelain and Premium Bone Porcelain. This impact– and chip–resistant material provides strong porcelain bowls, which you can always rely on for cooking and eating.
      Just enjoy the beauty

      Functionality is not always a priority – porcelain can also be a beautiful home accessory. An elegant shape that is discreetly repeated in the interior design or a decorative plate with a nostalgic decor accentuate your personal style and breathe life into the room. Decorate with porcelain or glass during Christmas and Easter: Villeroy & Boch has bowls in its special collections with décors to accommodate any seasonal delicacy, such as Christmas biscuits, Easter eggs or the first summer berries from your own garden. They are not only a beautiful decorative item for your own home. You can always brighten someone else’s day with glass bowls for candles or decorative sand and small ornamental bowls with witty designs.