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      Cups and mugs from Villeroy & Boch – All–day companions

      The basics for mugs

      When plates are the heart of your dinnerware, then cups and mugs are its lungs. You might be able to eat your toast early in the morning from your hand when you don’t have any clean plates, but it gets a lot more complicated when it comes to your first coffee of the day. In addition to coffee and tea cups, also available with saucers in a set, no one wants to go without mugs. At the most their handles when their design looks better without. Every kitchen also needs espresso cups as part of its basic tableware. Espresso and mocha cups are perfect for small concentrated coffee specialities, but they shouldn’t be confused with the large mocha cups, which can easily accommodate milk, froth and chocolate syrup. No matter which coffee you prefer to start the day with: Villeroy & Boch has the right cup.
      Sometimes quantity is everything

      Villeroy & Boch has calculated how many cups and mugs are needed in various family constellations as a guide to help you with your purchase. For a married couple with two children, twelve coffee cups (with saucers) and tumblers are enough as long as they also have six mugs. A couple can manage with eight tumblers and six coffee cups, but also needs six mugs. Calculations reveal that only a single person can get by with four mugs in their cupboard. Four coffee cups are also sufficient – and at least six tumblers.
      Porcelain and glass united in tradition.

      Tableware for us is more than just cups and plates. Even though the roots of our company lie in porcelain, we can look back on a long tradition of glass art. Hand-blown goblets, glasses and tumblers have frequently left the Cristallerie since 1843. Their individual ornamentation, created by engravings, sandblasting or polish, make them easy to combine with the décors of our porcelain collections and their sparkle beautifully complements any dinner set. Every drinking vessel, whether made from lead crystal or bright Premium Porcelain, has been through the hands of our masters and tested for any defects. Craftsmanship, quality and award-winning designs – that is Villeroy & Boch.
      It’s not chaos, it’s eclectic.

      Unlike plates, which should preferably match each other, cups and mugs with different designs will forgive you much more easily. Why? First, as they rarely all appear on the table at the same time. Second, as it is important for the cups to match the drink being served in them and not per se the neighbour’s one. Feel free to use different espresso sets – as long as every cup matches its saucer, you can call it a mixed set. If it’s just tea for one with a cup and pot, most tea drinkers will even feel honoured to be able to drink from their “own” set. You’re not convinced and prefer using just one collection? Then you can always reorder the right cups and mugs at Villeroy & Boch.