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For an exquisite touch to your home

Decoration can look great on both your sideboard and dining table as long as stylish pieces are selected: enhance the look of your home with home accessories. Read more…
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      Unique decorative elements from Villeroy & Boch

      The perfect backdrop for beauty

      Wall tapestries, oil paintings and vases have been used to make living space more attractive for hundreds of years. While home accessories used to be the reserve of the wealthy, they have now found their way into every home. Design your living space however you like and make a stylish statement with the many tasteful vases from Villeroy & Boch. From colourful décors to crystal-clear purism – while delicate callas underscore the design of tall, slim vases, fragrant gladioli are shown off at their best in beautiful glass vases. The versatile Villeroy & Boch candle holders also conjure a very special atmosphere into your home. Ceramic and glass tea light holders create a cosy atmosphere in the home, whatever your taste and personal style.
      A perfectly decorated table

      A home without accessories seems cold and empty. The same goes for a table laid without decorative elements. That is why Villeroy & Boch’s range includes selected home textiles that add to the look of any table. Matching napkins, place mats and tablecloths accentuate the fine porcelain tableware and cutlery arrangement during a perfectly-balanced dinner. The textile elements not only make the dining table more attractive during dinner – a lovingly-designed table runner made from high-quality cotton and teamed with an attractive vase from Villeroy & Boch brightens up the kitchen or dining room at any time. To create a harmonious look for your dinner, choose runners and place mats from the same collection as your tableware service. After all, the look is almost as important as the taste!
      Tradition and high quality

      Products from Villeroy & Boch have always represented high quality and careful craftsmanship. This is also in evidence in the decoration elements, which are made from a range of raw materials such as porcelain and crystal glass in resource-saving processes. When traditional values meet innovative ideas, the result is exquisite items that combine design and functionality. Developed exclusively by Villeroy & Boch, premium porcelain is the basic material for the porcelain vases in the range and is designed for everyday use, with high impact resistance and strong rims. The home accessories made from premium bone porcelain, which radiates exclusivity thanks to its elegant shimmer, are particularly magnificent. Decoration elements made from crystal glass produced by hand by glass-makers are truly exclusive.
      Saving the best ’til last

      The beautiful Villeroy & Boch accessories for the home are also ideal gifts for a wedding or house-warming. When two households come together, they often lack coordinated decoration elements, so why not give a gift of colourful place mats with a matching coffee service, or large and small candle holders from the same series. A glass bowl or a decorative vase that does not always have to be filled also makes an attractive statement on the sideboard or table. Villeroy & Boch’s range always includes seasonal items so that you can decorate appropriately for the time of year. Spring, summer and Christmas home accessories and porcelain figures decorate the various rooms in the home in every season and underscore your unique taste.