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      Unique sets of drinking glasses from Villeroy & Boch

      The right glass for every moment

      A refreshing orange juice at the breakfast table or a full–bodied red wine in the romantic light of the sunset – served in a suitable glass made by Villeroy & Boch, all beverages are a delight! Whether traditional drinking glasses or well–designed wine glasses: the high–quality sets of drinking glasses by Villeroy & Boch create a harmonious picture in the kitchen cabinet and on the dining table, and matching glasses and goblets are gathered in a practical set. The ancient Egyptians already crafted glass into vessels for consuming water. The fact that the gleaming material has lost nothing of its fascination is demonstrated by Villeroy & Boch’s numerous sets of drinking glasses which come in a variety of designs and charming shapes.
      Consistency in combination

      Particularly demanding wines require special glasses to allow the bouquet to fully develop. The lovely scent and pleasant aroma are perfected when poured into the right white wine or red wine goblet. The rounded belly of the red wine goblet from the Purismo Wine gourmet glass series allows the wine to come into contact with plenty of oxygen so that its rich bouquet can fully unfold. Wine-lovers really get their money’s worth with the 12–piece set of drinking glasses which consists of four red wine goblets, four white wine goblets and four champagne glasses. If you are happy with two glasses to complete your own glass collection or wish to give the beautifully packed glasses as a gift, you’ll find just the right set of glasses in the two–pack Nobilis collection.
      Quality through tradition

      It’s not just porcelain that has enjoyed a long tradition at Villeroy & Boch as is demonstrated by the glassware which has been finely crafted since 1843 and never fails to impress with its quality and design. Top class raw materials and meticulous production form the basis for the premium glasses in our sets of drinking glasses. The high–quality crystal glass from which many of our treasured glasses are made, ensures a certain exclusivity. The special sound, the charming clarity and the impressive shine make this material perfect for our glasses. Thanks to the robust crystal structure, the glasses are also suitable for everyday use. Due to their sturdy character, they can be cleaned in the dishwasher without any problem.
      For completeness

      To savour a strong glass of Merlot in full while at the same time creating a harmonious table setting, we recommend the decanter which matches the Maxima set of drinking glasses. The special shape and design not only meet the demands of the red wine, but also lend the setting a charming flair. If, rather than a set of drinking glasses, you wish to buy individual white or red wine goblets, the choice is yours thanks to Villeroy & Boch’s versatile collections which are perfect for any style. Whether you need to replace a broken glass or want to offer a gift for the widest variety of occasions, Villeroy & Boch’s lovely glasses, whether individually or in a set, create the right ambience at any time.