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SAt your side from breakfast to Irish Coffee

Small enough for an espresso cup, large enough for a potato dumpling – always well-prepared for any culinary challenge. Read more…
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      Stylish spoons from Villeroy & Boch

      The right spoon to hand anywhere

      When cooking sauces and soups, you would normally stir with a classic wooden spoon made from a natural material. The handle reaches the bottom of the pot so you don’t burn your hands. As soup is cooked at a hotter temperature than it is usually eaten, you can simply start eating with the stainless steel soup spoons once it has been served. Thanks to the sophisticated interplay between design and material, the handles of Villeroy & Boch’s soup, cream and table spoons never get too hot and sit very comfortably in your hand – an advantage also provided by the small coffee and espresso spoons.
      Your most important helper for eating and serving

      You not only need the right spoon for eating soup, pasta or muesli: it also comes in handy when serving vegetables, dumplings, rice or sauces. This is why the Villeroy & Boch collections have serving cutlery with the same décors as their basic set of knives, forks and spoons. So you can decide for yourself if you want to add more pieces to your existing cutlery without breaking the harmonious look of your table setting. As it is always easy to reorder single pieces from our basic collections, you are free to create exciting contrasts on your table with other materials such as gold or with the bold colours from the plastic handles of selected table and coffee spoons.
      The fruits of experience and innovation

      Villeroy & Boch not only focuses on innovative designs, state–of–the-art production processes and the finest quality for its porcelain. The company also reveals its passion for high-quality materials in its crystal glass collections and comprehensive stainless steel cutlery sets. Thanks to their meticulous workmanship, the spoons always have fine surfaces with an elegant look. But what’s really important for spoons is that they are completely tasteless – and all our spoons fulfil this requirement. The stainless steel used in our cutlery ranges doesn’t taste of anything and the coloured handles of our Play! and S+ cutlery collections are colour–fast. Take a look at our children’s cutlery with cute motifs and beautifully shaped handles.
      Essential even after the main course

      Have you cleared the table of the vegetable spoons and the other cutlery and have the large dinner plates made room for a sweet dessert? Then serve classic vanilla ice cream or a home-made sorbet on a porcelain plate with an ice cream spoon in a matching style. If there’s a specific coffee speciality you prefer to serve after dinner, then this is where your espresso or latte macchiato spoons come into play. It’s up to you whether you want to add a splash of colour with spoons from our coffee range or would rather create a harmonious table setting with a coffee spoon from your own table cutlery. Villeroy & Boch also has long drink spoons for cocktails with fresh fruit as well as sparkling bar glasses just in case you want to round off the evening by relaxing with a delicious drink.