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There’s always a reason to celebrate

The most traditional goblets: watch sparkling wine, champagne and spumante fizz and bubble in the timeless champagne glasses.Read more…
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      Champagne glasses from Villeroy & Boch – Always something to celebrate

      Good old champagne – Surprisingly versatile

      Alongside wine and water glasses, champagne glasses are an essential item in any household. Even a single person should have at least six champagne flutes, just in case. Coordinated with your porcelain service , the tulip glasses and champagne flutes from Villeroy & Boch are always an elegant highlight. There is no need to wait for a birthday or good news to let the corks fly. The times in which a fruity glass of champagne was only for a special occasion are long gone. The gentle sound of bubbling from a champagne flute is now a common accompaniment to a romantic breakfast in bed, sweet, freshly-picked strawberries in summer, or even just a family meal in the kitchen. There is the perfect champagne or prosecco for every occasion. You choose the taste. We provide the glasses.
      The tried–and–tested tulip glass from the Champagne region

      The typical slim champagne glass was invented after the French Revolution in the northern region of Champagne. When the Cristallerie Wadgassen opened in 1843, Villeroy & Boch was able to add special champagne glasses from our own factory to the range. The traditional tulip shape was developed by the monk Dom PĂ©rignon at Hautvillers Abbey, especially for sparkling wines. The thin glass walls make it easy for bubbles to form, while the insides of champagne flutes also have microscopic rough areas to control the lively sparkling. The fine carbon dioxide pearls attach to these areas until they are large enough to rise to the top. The small surface of the tulip glass prevents the carbon dioxide escaping too quickly and the champagne becoming flat.
      Sparkling designs for sparkling wines

      As well as producing and processing porcelain, Villeroy & Boch also has a long tradition in the art of glass making. The crystal glass is carefully processed and ground, sand blasted or engraved, depending on the design. Even today, we use classic craftsmanship and hand-blown glass for our various collections. Every champagne flute is an individual masterpiece. As well as the handiwork, you can tell the high quality of our champagne glasses from specific aspects such as the thickness and colour of the glass and the delicate stem. Both the clear and the coloured glasses impress with their shimmering brilliance, even after they have been through the dishwasher. That is our crystal clear promise.
      Perfect for every occasion. And every service.

      The varied designs of the champagne flutes mean that you will always find the right glass for your table. Use matching glasses to highlight a cosy atmosphere or play with the contrasting shapes and colours of the modern champagne flutes to bring spice to the ensemble. A little tip: If a champagne glass appears cloudy even though it is well cared for, you can bring back its shine with a cloth soaked in ammonia solution. The multipiece glass sets are also ideal as an exclusive wedding or birthday gift. Because you can always order individual glasses from a collection from Villeroy & Boch, you can expand or add to your glass service at any time.